Care Guide

Foam Only

Easy to clean, EVA foam can be cleaned by mopping, sweeping with a soft bristled broom, or vacuumed with a suction only vacuum. Soap and water works perfectly well. Most any cleaning solution can be used, we like Simple Green, diluted form, but any mild disinfectant should be fine.

Bleach and other harsh chemicals can cause fading and deteriorization of the foam. Using aggresive chemicals can void the warranty of these products. We do not recommend using bleach.

Taking a little bit of care with these mats, they can last a lifetime.

Carpet Topped

Suction vacuum only. due to the construction of the fibrous weave, beater brush vacuums and cleaning with water and such can be detrimental. This can be a durable carpet, however it is not a commercial grade product. Designed for heavy daily use.

Wood Grain

Simple soap and water or suction vacuum. Avoid chemicals due to the wood grain pattern applied to the foam. A diluted or very mild disinfectant may be used if necessary. Apply to a small section to try before you apply to an entire floor.

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