This is a fine product. I set up a workout area in my living room and this really helped to set it apart in a visually appealing way and to make it far more comfortable.

A.P. 9/22/14


Used 60-something square feet of this for the back end of my covered carport, after which I installed an inflatable spa on it. It works great, is eye catching deep blue and has not separated due to wind or foot traffic. This was a great option for our purposes and I am very pleased with the results.

D.M. 7/23/14


I bought 200 sq.ft. for my home gym and I love it. Easy installation. Trim with a utility knife where you have to.

Carl Otto Hallbauer

Nice mat, didn't scratch when a bookshelf was dragged across it, but I wish the end pieces would attach better, they frequently come off if walked on or bumped, being used in behavior unit classroom.

D.W. 7/25/14


First, it is a great product. Easy to put together. We use it for our trade show booths, its comfortable to stand on for 8 hours, is durable, and easy to put together, and take apart. What we like the best is the customer service they offer, we put in an order and due to a change had to change it to rush; they called us within ten minutes and made the changes to shipping! Highly recommended!

DKM INC 6/3/14


Awesome product, shipping and fast service. I made a specific request of the company and they happily responded wonderfully! I will be purchasing again in the future:)

B.M. 3/9/14


Have used these several times to block large shawls, they work really well. They arrived clean and they go together really easily. Very nice product.

K.S. 12/19/13


Great floor, also acting as soundproofing in 3 school music classrooms. Thanks.

N.P. 9/19/14


I've needed affordable mats for my Tae Kwon Do school. Very pleased w/ these!

E.P. 9/15/14

1" MMA

Item arrived within three days of ordering. Packaging was good and item was in perfect condition. Bought this item to use for blocking knitted and crocheted items. Works great for this purpose.

K.B. 1/23/14


Best mat on the market for the thickness and price. 100% satisfied. I use this mat for all combat training. Durable, portable, ... perfect!


Love the Get Rung mats! Vibrant color, comfortable and great in our classroom for the kids to sit on during mat time.

D.S. 8/20/14


Still relatively new to the MMA mat area, I decided to spend a low amount cash for mats I wasn't sure I'd dedicate myself to fullest just yet. The mats had to be cheap enough that if in the coming months I found I didn't have time to pursue MMA then the financial burden wouldn't be so bad. Regardless of the low price, I needed the mats to be good quality: they had to handle a judo throw, had to have the hardness to move around on, and last long enough to get there money's worth. The issue was finding a quality mat with a decent amount of square feet for a low price. Luckily, I came across a Craigslist ad in Phoenix for some MMA mats: GetRung was offering 100sq ft of quality mat for $200+shipping. After doing a bit of research at Bullshido and other sites I decided on purchased the mats. And about a month in, I must say I am fully satisfied with the purchase.

Dr. Bologne Master

Excellent value for the money! Better than expected.

James Barnes

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